We are a company of tech savvy investigators.

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We passionately believe in understanding what is behind the tools we use and continually strive to find better ways of doing our work. We are excited to share our experiences with you.

The news explodes daily with stories about computer hacking, malware intrusions and wide-scale data theft. It’s a challenging and exciting time to be in the computer forensics field.


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We believe we are doing some of the most interesting work in the world.

From analyzing the source and extent of a computer intrusion at a major university, to determining the abilities of zero-day malware to jump across networks to reach mission-critical data, we love what we do!

Kivu uses a combination of cutting-edge technology and highly skilled experts. We have hands-on experience working in law firms, software development, IT production and in-house IT departments. Our location in Silicon Valley places our lab in the center of what’s new in the digital world – exactly where we like to be.


The Kivu Labs blog is where we share what we are working on with the larger cyber security community. We hope that you’ll enjoy following us.  All posts on Kivu Labs are the opinions of the individual authors, and don’t necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Kivu Consulting, Inc.