2017 is the Year Of the Phishing Attack

Kivu’s Douglas Brush sits down with David Navetta, breach coach From Norton Rose Fulbright, to speak about incident response for the Cyber Security Interviews Podcast.

Douglas Brush, Director from Kivu’s Denver, CO office is the founder and host of the Cyber Security Interviews podcast.

He recently published an episode with David Navetta, US co-chair of Norton Rose Fulbright’s Data Protection, Privacy and Cybersecurity practice group. David focuses on technology, privacy, information security and intellectual property law.

In this episode they discuss transitioning from litigation into data privacy and cyber security, starting a cyber focused law firm, the role of legal in a data breach, how to perform effective tabletop exercises, when to bring in law enforcement to an incident, breach threats to small and medium sizes businesses, and so much more.

Please listen here:



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